Loma Linda

Loma Linda is a small city in San Bernardino County, Southern California.

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By car: The primary Access to Loma Linda is by car off the interstate 10 freeway. By plane: The closest airport is Ontario international airport (ONT), from here take the 10 freeway east until just after the 215 interchange. Freeway exits include, Waterman South, Waterman North, Anderson, and Mountain view ave. Airport Shuttle: Airport shuttles are available from [ONT]from super shuttle and prime time shuttles.

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By far the best way to get around is by car, the city is built and equipped for vehicles primarily. If traveling by car be aware that the intersection of Waterman and Hospitality Lane is equipped with a photo ticket system.


Loma Linda is a university town, home to the aptly named Loma Linda University. As such, one of the best sights is the University and Medical Center. Almost 40% of the city's population are members of the Seventh Day Adventist faith. The church in Loma Linda is one of the largest Seventh Day Adventist Churches in the World. Two almost identical services are held every Saturday from 9:00-10:15 and 11:45-13:00.


Loma Linda in Spanish means "Beautiful Hill" and as such Loma Linda's south hills provide a great backdrop for mountain biking or hiking. The hills are often dry with low lying brush surrounding the trails so care must be taken to avoid any fires. In the summer the hills can be hot and less than a desirable destination. Exercise is typically important to Loma Linda residents and you will see many joggers on the streets at all times of the day and night. Hulda Crooks park, which is named after an adventurous female hiker who hiked challenging mountains into her old age, provides a respite from the rest of the city. Hulda Crooks park is approx. 3 acres of grass with playground equipment in the south of Loma Linda.

The Loma Linda South Hills Preserve includes nearly 2,000 acres of wildland, permanently protected from development. To access the extensive trail system, go south on Mt. View Ave into Hulda Crooks Park. You can park near the dog park or the tennis courts. Go further into the hills on the dirt roads that leave the park. You can pick up the Chamber of Commerce map at City Hall or other locations in town. The map shows the trails within the Preserve.

Beware of rattlesnakes on the trails, especially during warm weather! Stay on the trails to avoid meeting them unexpectedly. Almost all snakebites happen because someone is bothering the snakes. Give them lots of room and get away.


Loma Linda Market is a general store on the University's campus with a difference: in keeping with the city's Adventist ethos, it sells a wide range of organic and vegan health foods and supplements that you won't find anywhere else and is therefore worth a visit purely for the novelty value, but you'll search in vain for any caffeine or alcohol! Clarks, on Mountain View, is also a supermarket with a healthy twist, though its range isn't quite as puritanical (you can buy coffee and wine there). Other shopping can be done in the cities of either Redlands or San Bernardino. In Redlands Citrus Plaza as well as State Street provide good shopping. In San Bernardino the Inland Center Mall is best suited for shopping. Carousel Mall is to be avoided, because of reports of frequent gang activity.


The Loma Linda area is packed with restaurants. Hospitality Lane (just outside of Loma Linda on the north) provides a lot of large chain sit-down eating establishments; Claim Jumper, El Torito, Chili's, Mimi's Cafe, and many more. One place of note is Lotus Garden on western Hospitality lane. It has exceptionally good Chinese and Cantonese cuisine, with a fancy sit-down atmosphere, lots of vegetarian options for relatively low prices (most meals under $15). Ravi's India Cuisine in nearby Colton also offers excellent food at very reasonable prices, though the atmosphere isn't quite as upscale as that of the Lotus Garden.

A new favorite in town is the Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant on Waterman Avenue south of the I-10 freeway. It specializes in vegetarian and vegan meals, and is often packed. Hometown Buffet on Redlands Blvd. east of Anderson/Tippecanoe is filling and includes vegetarian and meat entrees.


Loma Linda is an almost entirely dry city. At the time of writing there appear to be very few establishments in Loma Linda that can distribute alcohol, as the city council chooses not to approve most permits. Stater Bros. in Loma Linda does sell alcohol.


The Loma Linda Motel on University Avenue was recently renovated and provides nice rooms at reasonable rates. For a more upscale stay the Hilton on Hospitality Lane provides nicer accommodations.

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