Little Miami Bike Trail

The Little Miami River.
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Little Miami Bike Trail is an atypical state park in Ohio's Southwest Ohio region. Unlike a typical park, the Little Miami Scenic Park, essentially a trail intended for use by cyclists, runners, walkers, and rollerbladers, is roughly fifty miles long, but its average width is no more than sixty-six feet.


The bike trail was built atop of an abandoned railroad and connects Milford with Xenia, a distance of fifty miles, with several branch trails further connecting the main trail with other cities.


Bicycle repair

When riding a bicycle along the trail preparing for a blown tire is wise, because you may be caught several miles from the next town and walking the path with a bike you can't use isn't any fun. Recommended supplies for fixing a bicycle are:


Riding from any one point to another point can be somewhat exhausting, especially during the heat of the summer months. To prevent dehydration bring a bottle or two of water.

Additionally, always prepare for the off-chance you may become injured. The best prevention is to wear protective pads and a helmet. Having a flashlight installed on the bike would be useful should your ride become extended into dusk or should you become lost. Make sure to have a cell phone to call for help should the need arise. Southwest Ohio has generally excellent cell phone coverage, however, signal strength along the path may be a little less due to the wooded areas.

Get in

The trail has three staging points, complete with easy access to parking and restrooms. The three staging points are in Loveland, Morrow, and Corwin. Both Milford and Xenia provide excellent starting points too due to the availibility of parking in both cities and the numerous amount of activities that both cities provide.


Loveland - Milford

This pleasant stretch is approximately eight miles long and is level, with no noticeable hills. For the most part the path is shaded by trees and plants on both sides of the pathway. If you ride at a medium speed and make few stops you'll cover the distance in about 50 - 60 minutes.

It's possible to get off at several places along the path such as:

Stay safe

The trail intersects with many roads and the occasional railroad crossing and the "look bothways" rule must be applied. Venturing off the trail is not recommended unless there are clearly marked signs.

Sexual assualts and robberies have been reported by trail users. It is strongly recommended to bring another person with you when visiting the trail, due to the long intervals between seeing other people and the isolation of some parts of the trail. Additionally, carry a cell phone with you, because there are no pay phones and few businesses along the less populated parts of the trail.

For emergencies contact the 911 or the local sheriff's office:

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