Little Andaman

Little Andaman is an island in the Andaman Islands. Of the islands open to tourism it's one of the largest, yet it's remote location makes it the least visited. Those that do make the journey will stumble across pristine beaches, waterfalls, oil palm plantations and good surf.

Little Andamans Island


While most of the Andaman Islands escaped major damage from the 2004 tsunami, Little Andaman wasn't quite so lucky. Almost the entire island was ravaged, though it has since bounced back, and a few small hotel / resorts built.

Dugong Creek in the North and the South Bay area are tribal reserves for the Onge tribe and are off limits to tourists.

Get in

Ferries arrive daily at Hut Bay from Port Blair.

There are 2 types of ferries (as of February 2011):

Get your tickets a day before you want to leave in Port Blair.


You can travel here with the basic permit that you received on arrival in Port Blair.

Get around

Local fishing boats can take you to other parts of the island from Hut Bay, otherwise, your feet are your best friends.

You can rent motorbikes for ₹300 (fixed price) and bicycles. Check the bike (e.g. the breaks!) before you accept it. Most of the bikes are far from a perfect condition.

Buses, Rickshaws and Jeeps get you around the island.


Things to see/do: - Waterfalls - Lighthouse - Beaches


Food in Hut Bay before heading to any other part of the island.


Basic food is available in Hut Bay - outside of this you will need to bring your own food and something to cook it on.


A couple of hotels / resorts exist in the Hut Bay vicinity.

Stay healthy

Sandflies can be a problem on the island.

Don't swim at the waterfalls. We have been told that crocodile can be a problem. (Apparently 1-2 persons each year get a little too close to crocodiles while swimming in the sea.)

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