Likoma Island

Likoma Island, along with its sister Chisumulu Island, is in the Mozambican territorial waters of Lake Malawi/Nyasa. Both Likoma Island and Chisumulu belong to Malawi.

Get in

A ferry runs twice a week from Cobuè in Mozambique to Likoma Island. The same ferry also stops off at Chisumulu Island en route to Nkhata Bay back on mainland Malawi.


Main staple foods on the Island are cassava and maize. Maize is mainly imported from Malawi mainland and Mozambique since the Island is not a conducive environment for such crop. Traditionally, people on the Island eat nsima prepared from cassava flour and maize flour. Fish is the main source of income and many people venture into fish selling. Fishing is mostly done by using locally dugout canoes and small boats. The commonly ate fish are usipa, utaka, and many other different species.


Tap water is available as well as bottled water. The choice rests on the an individual on what to drink in terms of water.

Soft drinks

A traditional sweet non-alcoholic drink called mahewu or maheu is available in different flavours to suit your choice.

Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Orange squash are other tasty drinks for the thirsty mind.


Alcohol is sold in most parts of the Island and ranges from traditionally brewed gin (local gin called Kachasu and Masese) to factory brewed Calsberg beer and Chibuku. Masese and Chibuke are brewed from maize products. Malawi Gin and Powers No. 1 are also top on the list of visitors who date Malawi.


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To get out of Likoma Island, a ferry sails twice a week between the Island and Nkhata-Bay district in the northern part of the country while on the southern part, Nkhota-kota, Salima and Mangochi districts are the gateway ports. The ferry docks at Nkhota-kota, Chipoka in Salima and Monkey-bay in Mangochi providing access to major cities like Lilongwe and Blantyre.

Air transport is available through Nyasa Air Taxi service which is a chartered service. Other privately owned aircraft are available on charter.

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