Librazhd is the name of a town and district in Albania. It is located in the central east of Albania between Elbasan and Pogradec

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Librazhd is located between the cities of Elbasan and Pogradec, and is also located on the road between Tirana and Macedonia

There are buses from Tirana at 2pm every day. The buses depart from near the intersection of Bulevardi Zhan D'Ark and Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit near the Taiwan Center. You can find minibuses to Pogradec which pas through Librazhd about 100 meters from the US Embassy.

Buses to Tirana depart Monday to Saturday at 6am and on Sunday at 10am.

It is also possible to travel from Tirana to Librazhd by taking any Korça, Qafe Than, Pogradec, Bilisht, or Erseke-bound bus or minibus. Similarly, to travel to Tirana you can often take minibuses and buses coming from these locations.

Bus rides to Librazhd are 250 Lek, while minibus (furgon) rides will cost 400 Lek.

View of the town

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Librazhd is a fairly small city, so you can travel quite easily on foot.



Visit the bazaar on Saturdays and Mondays behind the Taçi gas station


Visit Market Luani for all your shopping needs. In the market there are products from all over Europe and products from the United States at extremely cheap prices. The owner is extremely friendly and nice and the store has a friendly atmosphere. The store is located right down the stairs from the Albanian Postage Office on the stairs on the left hand side of the building.

Memorial to Murdered Poets



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