Liaoyang (辽阳; Liáoyáng) is a city in Liaoning Province in China.


This is an ancient city with a long history going back over 2400 years. Liaoyang had been the major city of Liaodong (eastern Liaoning) province since the Waring States Period (475-221 BC). When Nurhachi united the Manchurian tribes and founded the Late Jin Dynasty, Nurhachi moved his capital to Liaoning. An imperial palace was built there in 1621. The new capital was renamed Dongjing (East Capital). The city measured 900m east to west and 840m north to south. The city wall was 11 metres high with two gates on either side. However, this palace was barely completed when Nurhachi moved his court yet again to the city of Shenyang in 1625. Nowadays, little remains of the old palace but some walls and gates are visible. In 1904, Battle of Liaoyang was fought as one of the major battles of the Russo-Japanese War. After the end of the second world war and the Chinese civil war, Liaoyang became a centre for heavy industrial development. It is somewhat overshadowed by the now larger neighbours of Shenyang and Anshan but remains one of the key cities of Liaoning province.

Get in

By plane

The nearest airport to Liaoyang is Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (SHE) (沈阳桃仙国际机场). This is some 60km away and takes about 1 hours to reach by road.

By train

Liaoyang is well connected by train to most major cities in Liaoning, including Shenyang, Anshan, Dalian, Benxi, Panjin and Dandong. The service is frequent inexpensive. Long distance routes connect Liaoyang to much of China with trains terminating as far a field as Shanghai.

By car

Liaoyang in beside the main Shenda express way that runs north to south along the Liaodong pensular from Shenyang to Dalian. The Shenxi express way form Shenayng to Benxi city also runs through Liaoyang.

By bus

Three coaches daily connect Beijing and Liaoyang. There are twice daily coaches to Changchun. Frequent coaches run to and form most major cities in the Province. Coaches to or from Anshan, Benxi and Shenyang run as frequently as the buses circulate.

Get around

Bus is by far the cheapest mode of transport. Taxis are also common and inexpensive.





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Qianshan National Park and Benxi Watercave Park are in the Neighbouring cities of Anshan and Benxi. An hours drive north lies Shenyang city, with its ancient history and UNESCO world heritage sites. About 4 hours drive south is the port city of Dalian - a favourite Chinese tourist destination.

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