Lezhë is a small city in Albania and part of the historic Mirdita region. Lately there has been new development in terms of seaside hotels and countryside guesthouses.

Get in

Lezhë is about 8 km far from the excellent beach of Shengjin (Saint-Gean), and about 30 km south of Shkodra, and 50 km north of Tirana.

With the newer construction of the SH1 highway that goes aside this city, it is nicely connected with major cities.

By bus

From the south

You can take a direct bus from Tirana to Lezhe. You can catch this bus at the parking lot at Rruga reshit petrela and Bulevardi Zogu I. Buses leave every hour from sunup to sundwon. The price is usually 200 leke. The bus will drop you off in the center of Lezhe.

From the South, take any vehicle to Tirana and transfer to a vehicle headed for Lezhe.

From Durres, you may take a bus directly to Lezhe / Shkodra, but no group vans leave from this location. The bus only leaves Durres twice daily from the central bus terminal.

By van

From the south

You may also take a group van, or "furgon." The price is usually 500 leke. Alternatively, pick up a bus or van to Shkodra, and ask the driver to let you off in Lezhe.

From the north

From the North, take any bus or van towards the capital and ask the driver to let you off in Lezhe. If you are coming from the Northeast, you may have to get off in Milot and transfer to another vehicle.

Get around

The entire city of Lezhe is quite walkable.

To get to villages or to the beach at Shengin, take a group van from the parking lot just past the bridge in the center of town.


Lezhe Castle






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