Leukerbad is a mountain spa resort town in Switzerland.

Get in

By train

The closest train station is at Leuk. Trains arrive hourly from Geneva and at least twice hourly from Visp. From Leuk, buses leave hourly for the town of Leukerbad.

On foot

The adventurous can hike into Leukerbad over the Gemmipass from Kandersteg.

Get around

The Ring Jet bus does a circuit around the town every 30 minutes.

Cable cars connects Leukerbad to Gemmipass and Rinderhütte.


Dala Gorge along Thermal Spring trek

The village is mostly walkable and offers very nice scenery as it is surrounded by near-vertical cliffs. One interesting feature are the public fountains around the town, some of which have hot water from the thermal springs.


Hiking on mountains.


There are several spas, ranging from the public Burgerbad to private spas in the big hotels.


Shopping is not a high priority in Leukerbad, but there are a few pretty shops in the old town.


There are plenty of restaurants in the town, all of which are fairly expensive. There are no fast food outlets, so the best way to eat on a budget is to buy from the local Migros.


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