Leonora is a town in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia.


Leonora is largest town in the Northern Goldfieds. Its long history follows the usual good rush boom and bust of many other historical Goldfields mining towns but has managed to hang on as service centre. Of most interest is the Gwalia ghost town 3km out of town.


Explorer John Forrest surveyed the area and identified the mining potential 1869. He and his party camped at the foot of Mount Leonora, naming it in honour of his wife. Legend has it that they build a 12 foot high tower of stones on the peak to aid in navigation by subsequent parties though there is no evidence remaining.

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Leonora is 235km north of Kalgoorlie on the Goldfields Hwy.

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Mobile phone coverage is limited to the Telstra 3G network, and only within town. The signal becomes variable to non-existent the further away you get. Coverage maps show it's possible to get a signal with an external antenna further out of town, but you should not rely on it. Other networks aren't available in Menzies.

A satellite phone would be useful to have in an emergency if you intend to spend an extended amount of time off the beaten track.


Mobile internet on the Telstra 3G network has the same coverage as the phones do.

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