Leivonmäki National Park

View over Soimalampi.

Leivonmäki National Park is an easy to explore national park with diverse landscapes in Joutsa, Central Finland.


The national park is divided in two by the barren lake Rutajärvi. The northern part is dominated by dry pine forests, but there is also old spruce forest and forest with old deciduous trees. The terrain is hilly, with small lakes and mire hollows. The southern part is dominated by the open Haapasuo mire, which can be admired from the Haapasuo esker.

Get in

The park is 50 km south of Jyväskylä, west of E75 (national road 4). There are buses at least by E75 via Leivonmäki on the other side of Rutajärvi, 12 km by road from the southern part of the park. In school days you can use the school bus to come to Rutalahti or Selänpohja along local road 6134. With car you can drive to the Selänpohja or Kirveslampi parking areas of the park. For disabled to get to the Luupään Lenkki trail a boom can be opened (get the key).


There are no entrance or hiking fees. There are several businesses offering services, such as equipment rental and guided tours and lodging outside the park.

The bigger lakes and rivers are not part of the park. Fishing is allowed by the usual rules, i.e. angling and ice fishing is free, for lure fishing you need to pay the national and provincial fee, for other fishing in Rutajärvi and some other lakes you need the national permit and permission from the Leivonmäki fishing collective (Leivonmäen osakaskunta).

Berry and mushroom picking is free.

Get around

There are two nature trails (2.3 and 3.5 km) and several hiking trails. You can also use a bike (where it does no harm), rowing boat or canoe. In the winter there is a 10 km skiing track in the south part of the park.

The trails are easy and most should suite also families with small children. Part of the Luupään Lenkki geological nature trail suits also prams and wheelchairs.

Entrance is forbidden to most of the Haapasuo mire in the bird nesting season 15.4–15.7, but there is a bird watching tower at the edge of the restricted area.


There is a swimming place at Harjunlahti.



There are commercial lodging facilities outside the park, e.g. in Leivonmäki.

There are lean-to shelter for four persons each at Lake Soimalampi and on the islands Niinisaari and Halttunen, possibly also at Harjujärvi.


Camping is allowed only at the Lintuniemi (5–7 tents) and the Harjujärvi (check!) camping sites.


Outside the park right to access applies.

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