Leamington (Ontario)

Leamington is a city in Essex County, Ontario, and the southern-most city in Canada. It is billed as the "Tomato Capital of Canada", and home to Heinz.

An April 2006 Magazine article by MoneySense magazine rated Leamington as the 'BEST PLACE TO LIVE" - a short quote follows ...

So, after all this figuring, what city topped our list? What's the absolutely best place to live in Canada? (Drum roll, please.)

It's Leamington, Ont., a city of 30,000 people on the shores of Lake Erie, just south of Windsor. If you don't know much about this tiny gem, don't worry. It is, in the words of its mayor, a well-kept secret. But this city, known mainly for its tomato-growing prowess, is now officially our choice as Canada's No. 1 place to live.

Leamington's virtues include mild weather and a low unemployment rate. Its scores for household income and population growth are in the top 25% of all communities. Its sole weakness is a relatively small percentage of people who walk to work, but its reliance on the automobile didn't prevent Leamington from claiming first place." End of quote to see entire article and so see HOW leamington beat some VERY BIG names - just Google 'best place to live in Canada'

Leamington borders Point Pelee National Park and Lake Erie. The climate is milder than cities further north like Toronto.

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By boat

The MV Jiimaan, . The largest passenger ferry along the Lake Erie route to Pelee Island, to the foot of Jackson St., Sandusky, Ohio. From Leamington, Canada, Kingsville Govt. Dock, Ontario, Canada and Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada.


By plane

Leamington Airport, CLM2, is located 2.5 nautical miles (5 km) east of Leamington.

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If arriving by ferry, some rental agencies will pick you up and deliver you to the dock. Ask first.

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Wireless Internet at the Marina. Free.

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