Le Havre

Hotel de Ville decorated to celebrate its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Le Havre is a port city at the mouth of the Seine, on the English Channel (French: Manche) in the region of Upper Normandy in France.

Le Havre is French for "the harbour". Historically, Le Havre has always been the harbour for Paris, with goods transferring there between ocean-going vessels and barges which go to Paris via the Seine.

Le Havre was heavily bombed during the Battle of Normandy. The reconstruction of the town was undertaken by August Perret using reinforced concrete. This project has led to the city being added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Get in

By train

Trains run to/from Paris regularly, taking about 2 hours: most stop at Rouen en route. There is also a TGV to/from Marseille once a day.

By boat

Ferries run to Portsmouth and Newhaven in southern England daily. This service is provided by LD lines . Crossing times are from three hours and fifteen minutes . Popular alternative routes going to areas close to Le Havre include Newhaven to Dieppe, and Poole to Cherbourg.

By cruise ship

The cruise terminal is located just south of the ferry terminal. At the cruise terminal, you can pick up a map of the downtown city (very useful). A shuttle bus brings you downtown in about 5–10 minutes (2.5 km). The dropoff point is on east side of rue de Paris, just before rue Victor Hugo. From this point, you can easily move about the downtown core.

By plane

Le Havre has a small airport with services running to Lyon, Amsterdam and Brighton. You can reach 200 destinations all over the world via Amsterdam.

By car

Traffic in the southern approach to Le Havre has benefited from the construction of the huge Pont de Normandie over the Seine estuary. However, whilst certainly impressive from an architectural standpoint, during busy summer weekends the entire structure can seem more like a car-park. Expect long delays (up to an hour) to cross the 4 km toll bridge (Current cost about €6).

An Avis car hire agency is located at Gare du Havre (train station), on the corner of Cours de la République and Magellan Street. From City Hall, it's a 20 minute walk (1.5 km) east along Boulevard de Strasbourg.

Get around

The centre of town is easily covered on foot. A local bus service runs regularly around town. The ferry port and train station are a short walk out from the centre of town and buses run on these routes. Rent a bike for a few euros at the tourist office or at the bus parked along the beach during the season.


Maison de l'armateur
Church Saint-Vincent
Fest Yves






All sorts of hotels are to be found like in another French big city.

Bed and Breakfasts

2 star hotels

Many other affordable hotels around the station

The cheapest are outside the city

3 or 4 stars hotels



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Ideally situated in Normandy, you can reach from Le Havre any part of the region in any direction in less than 2 h, including the famous Mont Saint-Michel.

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