Larkana is the fourth largest city in Sindh and serves as the HQ of the district of Larkana. It is largely known throughout Pakistan for its association with the Bhutto family.


The historical name of Larkana until the year 1901 was Chandka. In the month of August of 2000, Larkana celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its founding.

In the Sindhi language, the name of the city is pronounced 'Larkano'.

Get in

By plane

The closest airport is 30 km away in Mohenjo-daro, from where you can get direct flights to/from Karachi. Pakistan's national carrier PIA operates both direct and non-direct flights from Karachi to Mohenjo-daro. Direct flights run four times a week and take one hour, while the non-direct flights make a stop at Sukkur Airport and operate only on Fridays.

By train

Larkana railway station serves the city. There are two trains each day briefly stop at Larkana railway station: the Bolan Mail is run between Karachi and Quetta and has both economical and air-conditioned class, while the Khushal Khan Khattak Express is run between Karachi and Peshawar and has only economical class.

By bus

Larkana is situated on National Highway N-55 (the Indus Highway). The 1,264 km long N-55 runs from Karachi to Peshawar and one can easily get a bus for Larkana from cities situated along the highway.

If coming from Karachi, there are both A/C and non-A/C buses between Karachi and Larkana, which can be found at "Blue Lines bus station" (Dr Daud Pota Rd) near the Cantonment railway station in Karachi. A ride on bus from Karachi may take 10 hour long journey and seat in an air-condition bus may cost around Rs 800. From Sukkur, buses for Larkana may take 2-3 hours.

Get around

There are plenty of taxis, buses, vans and motorcycle rickshaws in city.

See and Do

Most people come to visit Mohenjo-daro, which is thoroughly covered in its own article.


There are a couple of bazaars in the town. Popular among locals are Khataan market, which sells pickle flavours, Sonarki market, and Machi market. You may buy some good quality Sindhi caps and traditional Ajrak here at affordable prices.

Eat and Drink

The most popular restaurants are Al Mansoor Hotel and Restaurant, Sambara Inn Hotel and Restaurant. There is also a outlet of KFC on Station Rd. Most hotels mentioned below in the 'Sleep' section run a restaurant that is open for non-staying guests as well.


There are several hotels in the city, including:

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