Largo (Maryland)

Largo is a city in Prince George's County, Maryland.

Get in

By public transportation

When traveling in the D.C. area, the best way to get around is public transportation. The reason why one would travel this way is because if you are visiting Largo, MD you are able to be exposed to a lot more on the metro, as far as experiencing the different sites both historical and entertaining. Also by taking the metro you are able to avoid the horrible rush hour traffic. In order to get to Largo you have to take the Blue/Silver Line on Metro rail to Largo Town Center and from there you can walk to the Boulevard which is one of the hot spots in Largo.

By car

The other way you can get to Largo is if you drive on the beltway and take exit 17 A and merge on to Landover Rd/MD 202 then make a right at Lottsford Rd. then turn right at Arena Dr. last turn left at Capital Centre Blvd. and the Boulevard will be on your right. These are the two most effective ways to get in Largo and more specifically the Boulevard

Get around

The best way to get around Largo is either drive or take public transportation such as the Metrobus which is very convenient, when you take Metro rail because it allows you to have access to a bus transfer which would allow you to ride the bus for free all day. However; a lot of people walk right by the transfers because people are in such a rush to get out of the station. The transfers in most stations can be found on the platform just before the exit. If you cannot find the transfer distributor or have any questions at all about metro there’s always an on duty metro expert in the booth which is also near the exit and you cannot miss it. If you plan to go to the Boulevard there won’t be much driving involved other than getting there but you will want to bring your walking shoes because it’s a big place with lots of things to do.


The Boulevard

There are lots of things to see in Largo. The Boulevard is the perfect place for a family outing with kids of any age or even a date with your significant other. This large place is equipped with clothing stores, shoe stores, sports equipment stores and lots of others. The Boulevard also offers a nice movie theater within its complex called the Magic Johnson which is named after the famous basket ball player who owns a chain of theaters all over the nation. The venue also contains many restaurants and eateries around in its area (see Eat). The Boulevard is the hangout spot for young adults and teenagers in Largo so when you go, this is the type of crowd you should expect. However; one thing at the Boulevard that draws in people of all ages is the car show that goes on every Friday in the summer, it’s amazing they exhibit everything from vintage cars to brand new cars “pimped out” with 24 inch rims.

FedEx Field

This is the home of the Washington Redskins Football team so if you’re ever in town during the NFL season you should definitely try and get some tickets. If you’re a Cowboy fan beware because the DC team are rivals with the Cowboys and a lot of fans take it to heart so you should try not to wear Cowboy paraphernalia at FedEx Field. Other than that the stadium is fairly new has great concessions and even features bars in the stadium. Other NFC East teams also consider this team their rival, but in recent years these rivalries have cooled down as the DC team's performance entered a slump after the 2012 season.


Six Flags

Another place in Largo, MD that one would recommend visiting is Six Flags America, 13710 Central Ave (Bowie), +1 301 249-1500 (hours vary—see website). It is one of the best, if not the best amusement park in MD. It’s a day of fun when you visit Six Flags they have a water park, roller coasters including the 21 story superman and they have lots of games that will challenge you both mentally and physically. $50/adult, $25/children under 48", Free/children 2 & younger; parking: $15.


Gladys & Ron Winanas Chicken and Waffles

One of the best spots in Largo is Gladys & Ron Winanas Chicken and Waffles, because they have great service and the food is just outstanding. If you’re trying to lose weight one wouldn’t recommend this place because they serve up a soul food menu along with their special chicken with waffles. Drinks include sweet home-style lemonade mixed with iced tea. Good for hot summer days.

Uno Chicago Grill

This local branch of a Chicago-based chain offers a wide range of pizza, including deep dish pizza, gourmet pizzas and flat bread pizza, and they also offer salmon, burgers, steaks, and chicken.

Qdoba Mexican Grill

This local branch of the Qdoba chain is usually packed during lunchtime. However when Qdoba is not packed this is a good place to order up some food, its quick, taste good and the food is fresh. It’s like the Mexican version of subway.

Cold Stone Creamery

This local branch of the Cold Stone chain is a nice little ice cream shop that features a huge variety of ice cream and you can even create your own if they have the ingredients. Another cool thing about this shop is that if you tell them you are a first timer at the shop they sing you a nice song that welcomes you.

Carolina Kitchen

They offer Southern soul food that includes barbeque, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. A neat thing is that the lemonade comes in jar cups that gives you the sense of actually being on a southern porch and “Granny” serving you lemonade in the summer.


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