Landi Kotal

WARNING: Travelling to Landi Kotal and other parts of FATA should be strongly avoided.

Landi Kotal is a small town at the top of the Khyber Pass in Pakistan. You must drive through it when crossing the pass.

Get in

By road

The entrance to Landi Kotal is to the west of Peshawar. The hill views while coming are very fascinating; try to capture the memories.


The tourist attractions used to include hashish warehouses, a bazaar specialising in weapons, and weapons factories where children with files made things such as breech blocks by hand.

But now the bazaar once known as the "Smuggler's Bazaar" has been moved to Dara Khel which is south of Peshawar. The bazaar at Landi Kotal today is apparently just a pale shadow of its previous infamy.


Landi Kotal is famous for smuggling. Hashish, weapons and consumer electronics are the specialties, but if you are suicidally brave and haggle well, you could probably buy or sell almost anything.

Stay safe

As of 2006, the only way to stay safe anywhere near Landi Kotal is not to go there. See discussion under Khyber Pass.

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