Lancaster (Pennsylvania)

Lancaster is a city in Lancaster County in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Huegel Alumni House in the Franklin and Marshall College Campus Historic District


Lancaster is home to a very diverse group of people. It is a strong agricultural town with various farmlands all over. It is a scenic place with lush vegetation and great produce. This is because the Amish dwell in and around Lancaster's many townships. The Amish are fairly isolated from the rest of the community, but they are acknowledged, respected, and not bothered. They are masters of farming and simple living, for they don't use electricity. They teach in their own schools, and they have their own churches. They get around by horse and buggy and they are easily seen, wearing black suits, hats, and bonnets. But that is not all Lancaster has to offer. Lancaster has evolved from Pennsylvania's capital back in 1799, before Harrisburg was named the capital in 1813, to a strong and well known city in Pennsylvania. It is actually the oldest inland city in the United States. Lancaster has grown into a modern and attractive city that has something to offer for all people of all ages. From the farms to the downtown offerings of the city, you will enjoy Lancaster.

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By train

Amtrak has frequent service to Lancaster train station located at 53 McGovern Avenue, near downtown Lancaster. For more information, see or call 1-800-USA-RAIL.

By car

Old house on Duke Street near the Courthouse

Interstate highways lead most traffic into Lancaster County.

By Plane

Lancaster Airport has non-stop service to Washington-Dulles on Sun Air International. There are more airlines and destinations operating from the airports in Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

Get around

Although you can pay for buggy rides in the rural areas, plan on having a car to get around. Some places and towns, such as the Rockvale Square retail outlets and the town of Intercourse, are easily navigable on foot. It is possible to tour the county by bicycle, but it shouldn't be attempted unless you're a cyclist who doesn't mind hills!

Public Transportation is provided by Red Rose Transit, however, don't expect it to be anything like metropolitan areas. Buses do not run often and service ends by 6PM!


Travel By Limo


The Amish

Although the Amish culture dates back hundreds of years, they have not done much to change their lifestyles. They are traditional and they have a strong sense of community. They exist inside a larger community and everyone gets along with out internal problems. They keep to themselves, but they give back to the outside Lancasterian community with their goods.

There are ways to learn about how the amish live. Here are some attractions to get informed about "The Simple People":

Other sights



Malls & Outlets


Lancastrians are well known for their local food. Although there are many "chain" restaurants around, such as Texas Roadhouse, Fuddruckers, Ruby Tuesdays, Panera Bread, Friendly's, McDonald's, Arby's, and Burger King.





Up until Prohibition, Lancaster had several fine breweries which earned it the reputation as Munich on the Conestoga. With the resurgence of microbrewing in the last decade or so, a few new breweries have cropped up. If you want to get your favorite mass-produced, lowest common denominator, lite beer, there are more than enough bars and restaurants to patronize. But these three establishments are worth checking out, particularly if you're a beer connoisseur.

Note regarding alcohol sales: - Under Pennsylvania law, beer purchased at various beverage outlets can only be sold in quantities no less than 1 case. Smaller quantities can be purchased, but only at bars that offer carry-out service.




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