Cockerels, Lampang's emblem, watch sunset over the river.

Lampang (ลำปาง), also known as Nakhon Lampang (นครลำปาง), is a city in the river valleys of Northern Thailand.


Lampang, in the Wang River basin, has been occupied by various civilisations, including Hariphunchai, Lanna, and Burmese, for more than 1,000 years and has a rich archaeological record. It is also known for its nostalgic local transport: horse-drawn carriages, rather than tuk-tuks.

Get in

By plane

Lampang Airport (LPT) is currently served by three daily turboprop (ATR72) flights by Bangkok Airways from/to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) at 1.5 hours (1,800 baht and up, includes using their lounge even for the economy class), as well as by three daily flights by Nok Air on a newer and larger Bombardier Q400 turboprop from Don Mueang International Airport (promo fares from 900 baht, November 2014).

Another option is to take a low-cost flight (Air Asia, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air) to Chiang Mai, then connect to Lampang by bus. But it is at least two hours by road from Chiang Mai to Lampang, plus you'll need to connect from the airport to the bus station across (13 km) the entire city.

By train

The Northern railway line from Bangkok to Chiang Mai passes through Lampang. As such, there are several trains in either direction every day. The journey from Bangkok takes 10-12 hours; 2nd class air-con sleeper ticket costs 734-804 baht, air-con seat car is 574 baht. 2nd class fan sleeper is 150-200 baht cheaper than air-con.

From Chiang Mai, the trip takes around 2 hours. Express fan car tickets are 23 baht. Air-con car tickets are just over 100 baht.

By bus

Many buses run from Bangkok's Mo Chit terminal, most of which continue on to Chiang Mai. First-class air-con bus ticket costs around 400-450 baht, the trip takes 8-9 hours (as such, overnight buses are recommended).

From Chiang Mai (Arcade bus station), buses are very frequent, and it takes just around 1-1.5 hours to get to Lampang. The price is 40-90 baht, depending on the class (first class air-con bus costs 90 baht)

Finally, many buses going from Chiang Mai to various other destinations in central and northeast Thailand stop in Lampang, so it is pretty well connected.

By car

From Bangkok take Highway 32 to Nakhon Sawan. then Highway 1 via Kamphaeng Phet and Tak to Lampang. Distance from Bangkok is 600 km.

Get around

There are no tuk-tuks, so either use the horse-drawn carriages or the songthaews, which can be hired like a tuk-tuk. If it is not on a fixed route, ask the driver for a price but be sure that you both understand whether the price is for the trip or per person.


Pack your trunk and head to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center.



In the city

Outside the city







This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget less than 500 baht
Mid-range 500-1,500 baht
Splurge over 1,500 baht


Hostel on the main street (Thanon Talat Gao) in the old town.



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Routes through Lampang

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