La Merced

La Merced
Catarata Tirol

La Merced is a town in Southern Sierra, it is the capital of the Chanchamayo Province in the Junín Region, Peru.


La Merced is 750 meters above sea level between the towns of Tarma and Pichanaki.

Get in

Buses from Huancayo take about 4 hours and leave from the multi-company terminal on Av. Ferrocarril.

Get around

The town center is very walkable. Mototaxis to most locations are 1 sole per person during the day, a bit more at night.


La Merced is reasonably close to the waterfalls Catarata de Bayoz and Velo de la Novia, see the Pichanaki page for details.


A variety of tours have hawkers in the central plaza in the morning until about 10:00. Most of the companies offer the same options.


Coffee and cocoa are grown locally not to mention lots of fruit. Art and craft made by the Ashaninkas make good souvenirs also.




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