La Laguna

La Laguna is a city in Tenerife. It is the oldest city on the island and recently designated a world heritage site. There is a large student population with over a quarter of the inhabitants connected to the university. It is quite high up (uphill all the way from Santa Cruz) and is noticeably cooler than the beach areas.

Get in

Tenerife North airport is next door to the city, a short hop by bus from La Laguna Bus Station.

Get around

The town is fairly easy to walk around. A 14 or 15 bus will get you there from Santa Cruz and many buses stop at the bus station. This is maybe ten minutes walk down to the town itself or get a 14 or 15 bus and get off at the first stop.


La Laguna cathedral



Some excellent cake shops at great prices.


Since there are so many students in the area, almost no accommodation available for tourists. The central Hotel Nivaria offers apartment rooms with kitchens and internet access (bring an ethernet cable).

Hostal Berlín.

Hotel Aguere in calle la Carrera.

Go next

The new tram system takes you to Santa Cruz bus station in about 40 minutes for €2.35 return. There are also frequent buses taking you from the new bus station close to Avenida Trinidad: number 015 directly to Santa Cruz via highway in just 15 minutes or 014 which takes more time as it goes through the city.

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