La Guajira

La Guajira is a department in the Costa Norte region of Colombia.


In the past the region was directly affected by the high concentration of neo-paramilitary and guerrilla groups. The paramilitaries are notorious for massacres against the indigenous population. For 2014 travelling to the main tourist destination is possible. Check your foreign travel advice to get the latest information.


Other destinations


Map of La Guajira municipalities

1. Albania

2. Barrancas

3. Dibulla

4. Distracción

5. El Molino

6. Fonseca

7. Hatonuevo

8. La Jagua del Pilar

9. Maicao

10. Manaure

11. Riohacha

12. San Juan del Cesar

13. Uribia

14. Urumita

15. Villanueva

Get in

The first bigger city after reaching Colombia from Venezuela is Riohacha. There are variouse busses from Maicao or Santa Marta everyday - price ranges from 12.000 - 18.000 for Riohacha - Santa Marta and 3.000 Maicao - Riohacha

Stay safe

Much of this region is considered out of bounds for tourism, as of 2011, due to the heavy presence of paramilitary groups and guerrillas. La Guajira is considered to be one of Colombia's most violent regions, with very high murder rates.. Places like Cabo de La Vela, Riohacha and Palomino appear safe for tourism now.

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