Kuwana (桑名) is in Mie.

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Trains heading south towards Yokkaichi and Tsu all stop at Kuwana. JR trains cost ¥330 one-way, and Kintetsu trains cost ¥430 one-way. On the Mie-Rapid trains, it is typically the first stop.



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To return to Nagoya, it's as simple as catching a JR or Kintetsu back up there (30m on the Local JR trains, 20m on the faster Rapid trains, 20m on the Kintetsu). Or you could continue on to Yokkaichi or Suzuka (home of the Suzuka Circuit) to the south.

Routes through Kuwana

Nara Yokkaichi  W  E  Nagoya
Kameyama Yokkaichi ← Junction  W  E  Nagoya-Nishi into Nagoya Expwy
Higashi-Meihan expwy  W  E  Nagoya-Minami Toyota

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