Kuranda is a small town in Far North Queensland adjoining the Barron Gorge National Park. As it is located very close to Cairns and the journey is scenic, it is an extremely popular day trip: the village is overflowing with visitors during the middle of each day.

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Kuranda Scenic Railway

Many people combine the Kuranda Scenic railway and the skyrail, travelling to Kuranda on one and returning on the other. From the scenery point of view, take the railway first in the morning and after that make the Skyrail trip - take your time to stop and look around in the Rainforestation on the way back to the coast. After arriving at the coast side (great views), you have the opportunity to visit the Tjapukai village to learn something about the Aboriginal culture. You can to book both directions through either service, but if you are booking late, you may have to book separately as they allocate each other a limited amount of seats.

Combining the two is more expensive, both in terms of time and money. They both offer significant discounts for taking their service both ways, and only small discounts for combining the two. In addition getting from the Skyrail base station back to Cairns station is another logistical hassle, or additional cost if you pay for the transfers.

If you want to do the round trip with the Skyrail and the train and don't feel like coordinating with local buses, there are a number of tour companies that package that journey for you, including tickets and transfers.

If you are travelling up to Kuranda with luggage, bear in mind that neither the Skyrail nor the railway cater for large amounts of luggage. The Skyrail will not carry any luggage at all, and the amount is strictly limited to what will fit in the luggage space in the passenger compartment on the train. There is no problem with prams and daypacks, but neither of these methods of transport may be suitable if you are doing more than a day trip to Kuranda.

Get around

Kuranda is a small village, although somewhat hilly. Walking about 1km will take you from one end of town to the other. Don't count on being able to walk quickly, as the streets tend to be packed with people.

A one-way courtesy bus between the Skyrail and scenic railway stations at the south end of town and the wildlife attractions at the north of town. The bus departs every twenty minutes, but most people walk the distance.




Kuranda is famous for its markets. They run everyday and have a wide range of crafts and locally made products. It's just a short walk from the Skyrail or the Kuranda Scenic Railway station to the village. The shops and markets open from 9.00AM and many close when the last train leaves at 3.30PM The Original Rainforest Markets are located in Therwine Street behind the famous Honey House.(see listing above)


There is no shortage of cafe style places in Kuranda. Wander around and choose one that takes your fancy. Take-away food is also plentiful, in many different styles.


Try the "Bottom Pub" just near Skyrail for a bit of local atmosphere - not bad

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