Kundur is a small island in the Riau Islands province of Indonesia's Sumatra island.



Kundur is part of the Karimun group of islands and is located south of Karimun Island.

Although larger that its northern neighbour, Kundur is much less developed and more laid back. Tanjung Batu, the main town, has a busy waterfront and a couple of streets lined with shops.

Once mostly a destination for cheap sex and gambling, a crackdown has put an end to most of it. For those who prefer less risque activities, Kundur is also popular for cycling trips.

Get in

For visa requirements to visit Kundur, please see the main Indonesia page.

Kundur's port of Tanjung Batu is NOT designated as a visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry point. Those requiring visas should get one beforehand. For visa-free nationalities, there does not seem to be a problem entering or leaving Indonesia via Tanjung Batu.

As Kundur does not have an airport, all visitors arrive by ferry. Most connections are with neighbouring islands, e.g. Tanjung Balai on Karimun, and the Sumatra "mainland". Direct ferry services to Singapore have been terminated, so you'll need to detour via Batam or Bintan.

From other Riau Islands

To/from Batam via Karimun Island: Several companies operate ferries between Tanjung Batu and Sekupang, the main domestic port on Batam, stopping at Tanjung Balai on Karimun on enroute.

To/from Karimun Island only:

To/From Tanjung Pinang, Bintan

From Sumatra

Boats link Tanjung Batu with various Sumatra mailand ports, such as Tembilahan in Riau province, and Kuala Tungkal in Jambi.

Get around

Angkuts (minivans) link Tanjung Batu with various towns on Kundur Island such as Sawang, Selat Belia and Prayun. Most of these vans leave from the market in Tanjung Batu.

There are also many ojeks (motorcycle taxis) waiting at various intersections in Tanjung Batu.

Tanjung Batu itself is small enough to be covered on foot.


Tanjung Batu

One would not describe Tanjung Batu, the main town on Kundur, as pretty or charming, unlike Tanjung Balai on Karimun which somehow has more atmosphere. Nevertheless, the town is very quiet and relaxed, except for the many ojek (motorcyle taxis) drivers who will constantly yell out to you and ask whether you want a ride (or, if you are a man, a woman!). The main commercial streets are Jalan Merdeka where the market is, and the shop-lined Jalan Jend Sudirman. The waterfront is also interesting with many boats loading and unloading goods. Just relax and enjoy the feeling of being in a timeless tropical port.

Most buildings here have an additional "bird house" on their roofs, housing thousands of swallows. The owners will harvest "birds nest" - a protein-rich gelatine-like substance formed from the saliva of the swallows - which is in high demand by the Chinese who consume them as a health supplement. See the some bird's nest building at Tanjung Batu




Hop over to Pulau Belat.


Fishing, relax and karaoke at Hotel Gembira and Restaurant Gembira. In Tanjung Batu the best Hotel is Hotel Gembira now got facility Amazone Game Visit the wet market in the morning. Hive of actvity, where many fresh items are sold. Can see chicken slaughtered, and plucked clean. Fishes prepared fresh. Also,at the side of Vihara Dharmma Shanti,there has a Warnet called Polaris Computerindo for kids who love to play computer games like DOTA Allstars, Counter Strike, Ayo dance.


You can do shopping in Mini Market Gembira at Jl. Jend. Sudirman Komplek Gembira No. 18. Tel: +62-779-22235.


For bottled drinking water get the local produced AVIGA spring water from PT. Citra Alam Sumber Wita costs Rp 2.000 for a 1500 ml bottle.

Heineken beer costs Rp 15.000 at Ah Kun's Saho Seafood Restaurant (三好海鲜煮炒) and Rp 17.000 at Hotel Gembira restaurant, respectively. The Restaurant Gembira the Place more Relaxing.


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See Get in section for ferry details.


Telephone numbers

The country code for Indonesia is 62. The area code for Tanjung Batu is 779.

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