Kumano (熊野) is a city in Mie Prefecture in Japan.


Kumano is a remote vacation location unspoiled by tourism and ripe with natural beauty. There are many sections of the ancient pilgrimage route, the throughout Mie and Wakayama but there is only one Kumano City. One of the rare chances to see an ancient Japan filled with mountains, rice fields, rock formations, an endless coastline, older residents who make up the majority of the town strolling the streets of the same city their grandparents and their grandparent's grandparents used to stroll.

Once a year this little town becomes a madhouse when it hosts the Kumano Hanabi Taikai fireworks festival, one of Japan's biggest fireworks displays, taking on much more people than the town was ever meant to handle.


People from Kumano speak a specific dialect that may sound to the untrained ear like a variation of Osaka dialect. While the older residents may be a bit hard to understand, they'll still be proud to try and help you with the little English they know. Pamphlets from the tourist office may be obtained in English.

Get in

Kumano's main train station, Kumanoshi (熊野市), is on the JR Kisei line. The Nanki Limited Express trains from the north run 4-5 times daily from Nagoya, and local trains run from Taki. From Wakayama, transfer at Shingu.

Get around

A few buses run throughout the city and local trains can get you to the few Kumano stations that are situated along the coastline. For better freedom and time management, it is recommended to come with a car.




Kumano has some great gift shops right outside the station selling unique rock carvings from a black stone native to the area, homemade jewelry, fireworks postcards, and all the mikan cell phone straps you could want.


No one can leave Kumano without trying the mikan, locally grown mandarin oranges! When they're in season, you can simply big a large bag off of a farm stand on the street for a few hundred yen.



Stay safe

Except for a few drunken business or older men who may wander out at night, Kumano is more or less a safe city. The kind of place where if you accidentally drop your wallet, a few seconds later a nice old women will be chasing after you with them so grateful for the chance to give it back!

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