Kulim is a city in Kedah.

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By road

Kulim can be accessible from the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway. Butterworth-Kulim Expressway is connected to the North-South Highway.

From the North-South Highway, exit at Persimpangan Seberang Jaya (EXIT 163). At the roundabout, go towards Kulim direction. You will be in the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway. Exit Persimpangan Lunas after the second tol plaza of BKE.

From Penang, after crossing the Penang Bridge, go towards Seberang Jaya direction. Then, exit at Persimpangan Seberang Jaya (EXIT 163). At the roundabout, go towards Kulim direction. You will be in the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway. Exit Persimpangan Lunas after the second tol plaza of BKE.

By plane

There is currently no airport in Kulim. However, there are plans to build an airport in Kulim by the year 2020. The nearest airport to Kulim is the Bayan Lepas International Airport in Penang, which is about an hour drive from Kulim.

By train

There is currently no railway station in Kulim, because the railway track does not pass through Kulim. The nearest railway station to Kulim is located in Bukit Mertajam, which is only about 15 minutes drive from Kulim.





Parks, Gardens and Natural Environment

Located 8 kilometres from Kulim Town. It is the first integrated Hi-tech Park in Malaysia. The main activities at this park are jogging and cycling whilst enjoying the breathtaking wonders of the landscape. There are also facilities like pedestrian walks, gazebos, benches and children’s playground.

Located in Junjung and is about 14 kilometres from Kulim Town. Ever since 1980s, this destination has been a great tourist attraction with its main product being the waterfalls and ecosystem surroundings of the forest, rubber plantation as well as fruit orchards. During fruit seasons, especially the durian season, visitors can buy the fruits directly from the orchard owners. The main activities or program to be enjoyed here include picnicking, dipping, swimming and camping.

Sungai Sedim with its fast currents and rapids along with a forest ecosystem is the best place for exciting recrteational activities. The main activities here include kayaking or White Water Rafting for a distance of 15 kilometres. This destination is among the 5 best destinations in for such activities. Besides, it is also a favourite for picnicking, dipping, swimming and camping at designated places apart from organizing of courses or workshops for self improvement and groups. This destination is known as the Camp Site of the Kedah Royalty. This destination is located between the District of Kulim and Baling.

This is found in the Mount Bungsu Forest Reserves. The height of Mount Bungsu is 658 metres with its peak at Mukim Terap. The scenery from its peak is truly exhilarating with flora and fauna and the panoramic view surrounding it. This is where historical traces are found like the communist fort. For visitors who would like to try heavy activities like mountain climbing and cycling or dirt biking, Mount Bungsu would be a good training field and a challenge apt to their abilities. The meandering flow and rapid falls of the river is enough to attract visitors here all the time.

Located in the forest reserves of Mount Bungsu, this is an educational forest that boasts of a myriad of replanted forest plant species and forest ecosystem surroundings. The main activities here include educational tours to the research centres and forest replanting, jungle trekking and Pahau camps located 23 kilometres from Kulim Town.

Located within the Forest Reserves of Mount Bungsu with rapid river and forest ecosystem surroundings. The main activities here include picnicking, dipping, swimming and camping. During the journey to this destination, visitors will also find fruit orchards and former mining ponds on both sides of the road. This destination is 20 kilometres from Kulim Town.

Tree Top Walk is the latest attraction that awaits visitors. The iron bridge, which is better known as the Tree Top Walk above Sungai Sedim was constructed so high up that it almost touches the tree tops across Sungai Sedim. The view from the bridge is simply breathtaking.

Fast flowing rapids and waterfalls feast your eyes during the journey up this mountain. The main program here would be jungle trekking while appreciating the wonders of fauna and flora, exploring caves as well as mountain climbing to enjoy the panoramic view from the mountain top. Its height reaching 1,862 metres make it the highest mountain in its range. Geographically, the peak of Mount Bintang is the boundary marker for districts in two states.

This means that if visitors manage to reach its peak, they are in Baling and Kulim Districts of the State of Kedah and Ulu Perak and Selama Districts of Perak State at the same time.

Located between the public transport terminal of Kulim Town and Sri Malaysia Hotel. Although this Lake Gardens have yet to be fully developed, it has nevertheless managed to attract many visitors. Visitors come here to either jog or take a walk on the pedestrian walk around the lake.


This is located at Kulim High Technology Park. There is a clubhouse facility along with a 27-hole golf course and other recreational facilities. The main activity here is golf, played for recreation as well as for sports tournaments.

This Club is located 2 kilometres from Kulim Town. Equipped with sports and recreational facilities as its main product, this complex was once the centre of sports event at national level, such as MSSM Badminton Tournament 2004 and SUKMA Kedah 2006. On ordinary days, the facilities here are for the use of club members only.

This Club is located 2 kilometres from Kulim Town. Facilities that are provided at this club are swimming pool, gym, badminton hall, tennis court and family restaurant.


Kulim's cuisine reflects the Chinese, Nyonya, Malay and Indian ethnic mix of Malaysia due to directly influence by Penang state (the food capital of Malaysia), but also shows some influence of Thailand. The famous foods are Kelang Lama Laksa, Lunas Duck Roaster, Yam Rice, Curry Wan Tan Mee, Chicken Leg Wan Tan Mee, Curry Mee, Hokien Char, Prawn Mee(Hokian Mee), Loh Mee, Kuey Teow Teng, Duck Egg Char Kuay Teow, Glutinous Rice Cendol, Chee Cheong Fun, Ice Kacang, Chai Koay, Tom Yam, Stem Fish, Yau Char Kuai, Zhap Chai, and many more.

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