Krasnogorsk is a small city in West Moscow Oblast best known for its 18 hole golf course, the Moscow Country Club Resort, where Moscow's finest come to play. But even with out the allure of 18 holes, the city is worth a visit for its two large classical estates, one of which (Arkhangelskoye) is one of the finest in Moscow Oblast.

Get in

A park in Krasnogorsk

By car

Take the Volokolamsk Shosse (Highway) from Moscow.

By train

By elektrichkas from Moscow's Rizhsky train station to Pavshino station.

By bus

The fastest way to get to Arkhangelskoye Estate is to take a bus 549 or 541 to "Arhangelskoye" stop or minibus 151 to "Sanatorii" stop from Tushino metro station. From Pavshino train station you can take buses 524 or minibus 24 to stop "Sanatorii".


Arkhangelskoye Manor




The most popular places to sleep might be at the Arkhangelskoye Estate and Le Meridien, but of course Krasnogorsk has hotels of its own:

But there are loads of better options in Moscow and Krasnogorsk makes an easy day trip.

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