Koudougou is the second largest city in the Volta Delta of Burkina Faso.


You will find Moore spoken everywhere and Lyèlè when you look for it (about 60/40).

Get in

To/from Ouaga:

Transport to Dédougou is at cinema, across from Bon Marché


Sabou: sacred crocodiles – tourist trap! (1000 CFA one-way from Gare Routière)




At entrance to town (if coming from Ouaga) on right-hand side. Wonderful selection of fruits/vegetables/grains. Also has good selection of pagnes and traditional fabric, used clothes, bead, things for your house (buckets, etc.). Nice atmosphere. Will open new market near the mosque soon and all will move there.

There is also a street near the post known as the fruit market – bananas, mangos, papayas, apples, pineapple, etc according to what is in season.


There are two western-style supermarchés:

Can find most everything except skim milk powder.


Good tailor behind Lycée Provincial, near sport stadium: good prices, friends.


Street food and snacks

Lots of benga, toh, rice/sauce, spaghetti, yogurt, dégé, grilled corn, etc. Good food in STKF gare and right outside Rayis gare. Meat brochettes popular near cinema/EDBAF “gare.” Bissap and water all over the place.




Post Office

On main road (KDG -> Dédougou); open normal weekday hours (NOT weekends).


Coconet: near the marché, across the main street, 900 CFA per hour, decent connection speed

L’espace Bureautique: on main road on the way to Dédougou after turn-off to Réo; they also have a fax machine and a good photocopier.

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