The Entrance to Korolyov

Korolyov is a mid-sized city in North Moscow Oblast, best known as the "cradle of space exporation," as it was the center of the Soviet space program. It was also a former elite dacha location, a vacation spot for all sorts of famous Russians (e.g., Chekhov, Lenin, Akhmatova, Pasternak, Tsvetaeva, etc.). The city today has become one of the most desirable residential locations outside Moscow.

Get in

By car

Take the M8 highway. The town starts right from the highway to the right of it, opposite to Mytishchi.

By train

The Podlipki Dachnie and Bolshevo train stations are situated within town proper. Take electrichkas bound to Bolshevo (including Sputniks, that have only stop in Bolshevo), Shchyolkovo, Monino, Fryazevo, Detskaya or Fryazino from Yaroslavskii train station. The famous dacha region starts further in the direction to Shchyolkovo, the only train station within Korolev in that direction is Valentinovka, being, however, not a tourist destination. If you still want to reach there, keep in mind, that trains bound to Detskaya and Fryazino go in different direction (to Ivanteevka and Fryazino) from Bolshevo train station, and you have especially to differentiate trains bound to Fryazino(Фрязино) and Fryazevo(Фрязево) - these are completely different destinations. All the announces on the Yaroslavskii train station specifically clearly pronounce endings of these stations, just listen attentively to them.

By bus

Buses 392, 565 and 576 from VDNKh metro station in Moscow, bus 28 from Mytishchi train station (starts on east side, opposite to bus station). Keep in mind jams on M8 for all of these buses, even though they become less severe after opening multilevel traffic interchanges on M8 between Mytishchi and Korolev.


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