Konkan is the coastal division of Maharashtra state in India. It stretches North-South from the city of Mumbai (Bombay) in the North, to Goa which borders the southern tip of Konkan.


Mumbai, Raigad and Thane and are now administratively a part of a massive conurbation called Mumbai Metropolitan Region, which has its own development authority.



In reality, the entire stretch from Thane to Mangalore forms the historical Konkan region, with some definitions including the entire western coast of India, from Gujarat to Kerala in it. But the official name of Konkan has been assigned only to the Maharashtrian part. It is an approximately 40 km wide strip of land between the Arabian sea and Deccan plateau (Ghats).


Marathi,konkani, Hindi. The locals would typically not speak very fluent English however, they'll speak enough broken English for people to understand. People are generally warm and helpful and would point out the best places to eat/see



Veg specialities in Konkan Region:

Non-veg specialities in Konkan Region:


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