Kokshetau is in the north of Kazakhstan, part of the former Soviet Union.

Get in

By plane

The capital city Astana is close, it has an international airport.

From Almaty (the only flight!), which stops in Kokshetau, unloads passengers, and then takes off for Petropavlovsk. From the airport, buses to the city center run about every 30 minutes, and taxis are plenty and inexpensive (about US$5-7).

Get around

By taxi

Abundant taxis. Average trip cost US$2.



Bowling alley

Movie theatre

The Central Park has a small amusement park with a slow moving ferris wheel and other fast-moving rides.

In warmer weather, there are lots of amusements for small kids in the paved square opposite the new movie theater.

In freezing cold weather, the same paved square hosts an amazing ice-carved village, including a very long ice slide. Lots of fun, but bundle up b/c it gets c-c-c-cold. . .



But the best restayrant is ASTANA

Eat shish kebabs (shashlyk)

Bowling Center has good restaurant, with a nice kitchen. You can enjoy good food and fun game.


Do not drink from tap, only drink bottled water. Local bottled water is also sold in 5 liter containers.

Cheap, good beer, including the ubiquitous Brazilian import, Brahma.

Nightclubs: Kazakhstan, Brooklyn.


The hotel industry is in rudimentary state. There are world-class hotels in Borovoe (Burabai) resort region. In Kokshetau, however, the hotels are built on the legacy of the Soviet Union. There are high quality apartments available.

Stay healthy

Avicenna: If you will get sick having fun during winter visit Avicenna. Avicenna is the best private hospital in Kokshetau. It has great service and great proffesionals. It is the best hospital of Kazakhstan with high quality and low prices.

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