Kochi (Shikoku)

Kochi Castle

Kōchi (高知) , known in ancient times as Tosa (土佐), is the eponymous capital of Kochi prefecture on the Japanese island of Shikoku.

Get in

By plane

Pint-sized Kōchi Ryōma Airport (IATA: KCZ) has flights to Osaka-Itami, Tokyo-Haneda, and Fukuoka. Buses to/from Kochi station (35-45 min, ¥700) leave roughly twice an hour.

By train

The Nanpu is the main train service connecting Kochi with the Japanese mainland.

The JR Dosan Line (土讃線) runs down from Okayama on Honshu via Takamatsu and the Oboke gorge, passing through Kochi on its way to the terminus Kubokawa.

The fastest way to get to Kochi from Okayama is to take the Nanpu Limited Express train, which departs every hour. It costs ¥5990 (no cost with the Japan Rail Pass) and takes 2 1/2 hours.

By bus

Highway buses depart for Kochi daily from Osaka (¥6000) and Kyoto (¥6500).

Get around

By Car

You can easily visit Kochi by car.

By Bus

The My-Yu Bus (MY遊バス) service runs from the north side of JR Kochi Station. Day passes are ¥1000. The bus stops at 3 locations on Mt. Godaisan (Chikurinji, Makino Botanical Garden, and the Godaisan Lookout Point) and continues on to Katsurahama.

By Tram

Kochi has trams running south from Kochi Station and east-west along Route 32. Within the downtown area, it costs ¥190 per trip.

By Bicycle

The streets are wide and traffic fairly light compared to most Japanese cities. Watch out for cyclists riding the wrong way into traffic.



Godaisan is a mountain in Kochi city between the downtown area and Katsurahama. It is the holy mountain where Chikurin-ji Temple was built and is also now home to one of Japan's best botanical gardens. The look-out area at the top provides scenic views over the surrounding area.



Katsurahama (桂浜) is Kochi's famous coastal beach. For many, the view alone is reason enough to visit but the area has more to offer. The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum (see "See" section above) is here as well as a few other interesting things.




Denizens of Kochi drink a lot; see the prefecture article for the full scoop.

Gokkun-Umajimura is a famous non-alcoholic drink. It is made of yuzu which is a kind of citrus fruit and is well-known product in Umajimura, Kochi. It tastes sweet-and-sour so that is easy to drink for everyone, from little children to old people. It is sold in every place in Kochi for example Super markets, stations and airport. It's fantastic when mixed with shochu on the rocks.


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