Kobarid is a city in Slovenia.



Be sure to walk the Historic Trail. One section follows the Soča River, which is the most incredible color of blue-green. The trail begins in a meadow, with a spectacular view of the Julian Alps and the Napoleanic. As it winds along the river, you will see tunnels dug into the mountainsides, where WWI fighters stored supplies and hid during the battle that was immortalized in Hemmingway's A Farewell to Arms. You can walk across the wooden, hanging bridge or dangle your feet in the incredibly clear but also cold water where you get close enough to the river. The culmination of the path is the Slap Kozjak, a beautiful waterfall in a cave-like area. The trail is a little tricky in some parts. You have to walk across narrow stone bridges without handrails and climb some slippery rock slabs, but it is well worth the effort. information for foreign visitors.


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