Ko Nang Yuan

Ko Nang Yuan

Ko Nang Yuan is a small island near Ko Tao, on the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand.


Ko Nang Yuan is a small island very close to Ko Tao. It is famous for its diving spots and its great snorkelling beach. Many day trippers come from the islands of Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan, and Ko Samui, as well as from Surat Thani on the Thai mainland.

Get in

The only option is by boat. There are two types of boats available:

It is also possible to come here for a snorkelling day trip from Ko Samui for about 1,200 baht, though this is of questionable value considering that while the trip may take the whole day you are likely to spend only an hour here. If you are really interested in visiting here, stay at least one night on Ko Tao.

Visitors to Ko Nang Yuan must pay a 100 baht fee (waived if you overnight).

Plastic bottles and cans are banned from the island. Buy water and other drinks in glass bottles in Ko Tao to avoid paying inflated prices on Ko Nang Yuan.

Get around

The island is tiny. The only way to get around is by walking.


A panoramic view of Ko Nang Yuan.



There is only one restaurant, at the Nang Yuan Resort. It has a selection of Thai and Western food. One of the best dishes on the menu is the barbequed fish. The restaurant takes full advantage of its monopoly on the island. Prices for food are 3-4 times what you will pay on Ko Tao, and the wait staff makes it clear that they are doing you a favour by serving you.


The only accommodation on the island is the Nang Yuan Dive Resort . Rooms range from 1,200-14,000 depending on type and season.

The island is very beautiful and is well worth it if you really want to get away from it all. A few things to consider if you want to stay here:

Stay safe

Currents can be very strong.

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