Klin is a small ancient town in Moscow Oblast.


Klin has been mentioned in Russian chronicles since 1190s and was described by patriarch Nikon in 1317 (Никоновские хроники). Historians think its sight previously was a Baltic tribe settlement that grew into a wooden fortress of Slavic Novgorodians on the bank of the river Sestra (Sister). The town didn't evade the Mongol invasion and Ivan the Terrible ravage guard known as Oprichnina. In 1482, it was incorporated into Muscovy with the rest of the Grand Princedom of Tver. Town status was granted in 1781. Peter I prescribed the Klinians to serve as couchmen on the road between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Thus the Klin's coat of arms acquired a post horseman tooting a horn.

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Klin is a station on the railway line Moscow - Saint Petersburg and elektichka may bring you from Leningradsky railway station in Moscow to the town within 1h 40min. Take a train to Tver, Konakovo or Klin. In the morning and in the evening the train departs every 20 min, in daytime - every hour. Bus trip is also possible. № 437 departs from metro station Rechnoy Vokzal (Речной вокзал). Travel time is 1h 20min.

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There is a lot of public buses.


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