Kisa to Boxholm following the Malexandermorden trail by car

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The Malexander murders (Malexandermorden) was one of Sweden's most infamous crimes of 1999. It began with a bank robbery in Kisa. The police where chasing the criminals by car. Much to the police officers' surprise the robbers were heavily armed, and when cornered the robbers turned to murderers by killing two policemen at a road block. This allowed them to flee further and the chase continued for a couple of weeks. All three robbers are now imprisoned.

A documentary about this crime has been made.


This trip is to be made by car, partially on unpaved roads, wherefore your car will get rather dirty.


Start in Kisa

Kisa is a village about 50 km south of Linköping. The drive from Linköping on road 34 towards Kisa (or Vimmerby) is about 40 minutes.

Once you entered Kisa you can park either outside the bank (just after the railroad bridge) or on the parking lot on the opposide of the street. If you've come to the roundabout you have gone too far, make a U-turn in the roundabout and find a parking space immediately.


The Östgöta bank in Kisa was the one that was robbed. If you managed to park outside the bank you are at the same place as the robbers had their car running while robbing the bank.

See and Do

Opposite the street from the bank is the Café Columbia coffee shop and the Emigrant museum. It is a museum with letters and memorandoms of people from Kisa that have emigrated to America.

Kisa to Lake Gummetorpa (Gummetorpasjön)

Drive south through the roundabout still on road 34. After about 4 km you arrive at Lake Gummetorpa, a lake on the left with a sharp combination of turns (left/right). Stop just after the turns at the road side parking.


This was where one of the police officers manage to stop the robbers' car. However, when they opened fire, he hid and the robbers could continue to flee.

Lake Gummetorpa to Malexander

Continue to drive south. After about 7 km, make a left at the sign Blomsfors 8. You are now on road 661. After about 3 km you pass Klintorp. Continue towards the village Horn.

Once in Horn you will pass, the mill (kvarnen) on your left, the damm, the church on your left, the fire station on your right. Then you will be leaving Horn and just outside you arrive at road 135. Make a right towards Vimmerby and Kisa.

You arrive at road 34, the big road where Vimmerby is to the left and Kisa is to the right. Go straight ahead on the small road that soon will turn into a dirt road. You will soon enter Kalmar län. Continue along the road until the road is paved again and you arrive at a village (?) where you make a right. You will soon go back into Östergötlands län again and just 200 m after those signs, make a left towards Verveln. The sign says (En?? 1). You are once again on a dirt road and you will soon pass the railway.

After a while you pass Verveln where the road gets paved again and after that Krutebo.

After Verveln you arrive to a bigger road. Make a right following the Kisa 21 sign.

Then you arrive at Tidersrum and go straight ahead passing the church and you will arrive at the bigger road 134 between Kisa and Eksjö. Drive straight ahead towards Svalsjö and you are once again on a dirt road.

In Svalsjö, the road gets paved and you arrive at the crossing. Go straight ahead on the bigger road. After a while you will arrive at a right turn, followed by a couple of hundred meters downhill and then a very sharp left turn, almost a U-turn with a road going off to the right and the road continues in a narrow passage along the lake. Stop somewhere along the lake (in a parking lot). You can see the village of Malexander between the trees.


In Klintorp the robbers changed cars.

Both in Verveln and Krutebo persons observed the robbers' car passing in high speed.

Here two policemen from Boxholm had blocked the way with their car. The robbers fired at them to get through. Both policemen where killed, one of the robbers were injured.

The stone in memory of the killed policemen is placed in the middle of this narrow road along the lake. Most likely, it will contain fresh flowers.

See and Do

Horn has a beautiful view over the Lake Åsunden if you drive down to the harbour (hamnen).

The Tidersrum church is one of Sweden's oldest preserved wooden churches. If you stop and have a look at it, observe the metal insets into the inner front door.

Malexander to Boxholm

Continue towards Malexander and the road continues towards Boxholm. After about 5 km you arrive at Våkthult. Continue on the road. After a while there is a road to the left with a sign saying that there is a ferry to Torpön. Just after that road, we arrive at Fällorna.


In Våkthult the robbers dropped off the robber that was shot to a passing person.

In Fällorna the robbers hid their car and continued on foot.

End in Boxholm

When you arrive in Boxholm, the hospital (vårdcentralen) is on the left side after the turn after the bridge.


It was at this hospital that the passing person delivered the wounded robber.

The second robber took the train to Stockholm from the railway station in Boxholm, and the third phoned his girlfriend to get her to pick him up.

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