Kimolos is a small island in the Cyclades.

Get in

The best way to get there is to go to Milos and take the "Pantoffla", a small ferry going from Pollonia(Milos) To Kimolos 3-5 Times a day (20min, 2€/person, 2.6€/motorbike). Some of the big ferries going to Milos also stop in Kimolos. Ferry schedules can be found at

Get around

There is no car or bike rental on Kimolos. Go to Milos, rent one there and bring it with the ferry. Be sure to ask the rental if it is OK to take it. Cars are usually not a problem, but with bikes a lot of the rentals don't allow so. At least Easy Moto and Niki's don't make a fuzz of it, but be aware that if the bike breaks down on Kimolos it is your responsibility to get it back on the ferry to Milos.





There are a few shops in Hora, even a shop with organic produce.


Tiropites are available at the bakery.

There are a number of restaurants, but outside of the peak season choices are very limited. Most restaurants on Kimolos use local produce.

All other restaurants are seasonal and cater basically to tourists only.


There are a few nice cafe's next to the Kastro in Xhorio


Rooms in Kimolos are more expensive than on milos. Most ask 30-35€ for a double off season and it is hard to negotiate.


There is free WiFi in some cafe's and some domatia.

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