Sunset on Kamaole Beach in Kihei

Kihei is a town located on Maui's South Shore. Overrun by developers in the seventies and eighties, it's now a jumble of hotels, condos, shops and houses. While lacking charm, Kihei makes amends in its functionality and location. The central location makes it easy to get to other parts of the island and Kihei is known to be one of the hottest places to stay on Maui (temperature-wise) because it doesn't get the breezes that other parts of the island get (perfect for that winter getaway).


Kihei does get breezes in the summer that can blow as hard as 25 mph every afternoon. This is usually during the months of April till September and early October. October is known as the season change and the temperatures will go to 80 and slightly over during the day. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't get windy in Kihei. Without it, it would be in the 100's during the summer.

Get in

Maui's main airport, Kahului Airport, will be the primary access to the island. From Kahului, follow the signs to Kihei, and it should lead you to Highway 311 (Mokulele Highway). Once you reach Kihei, it becomes Highway 31 (Pi'ilani Highway). It is about 10 miles (16 km) from the Airport to Kihei and it will take 20-30 minutes to drive.

By bus

Get around

Kihei is a sprawly place, strung out along the coast for several miles but never more than a mile wide. The main road north-south along the ocean is South Kihei Road and it contains almost all the hotels, condos, restaurants, shops and beaches. If you are staying in the area and don't mind a bit of walking, you can probably get to most things you need without needing a car. If you do drive, the strip malls have their usual adequate free parking although individual restaurants and beaches may not.

The Pi'ilani Highway (Highway 31), about half a mile inland, runs parallel to South Kihei Road and connects with the Mokulele Highway coming down from Kahului. There are quite a few streets that connect the highway with South Kihei Road, so if you're looking to go anywhere other than Kihei, this is the road to take. Note, when asking for directions, no locals will know what "Highway 31" is, they will know it as Pi'ilani Highway. The numbers of highways are seldom posted, and are not known by anyone on island.

Both South Kihei Road and the Pi'ilani Highway have bike lanes, so cyclists should have a bit of space on the roads.



Water activities

Land activities


Most of Kihei's restaurants and grocery stores are strung out along South Kihei Road.


There are both supermarkets and smaller food shops along South Kihei Road. Some of the supermarkets can also serve as a restaurant as they sell warm cooked food that is cheaper (and sometimes tastier) than what you find in restaurants.




Motels and inns

Hotels and resorts

Rentals and condos

Go next

Maui isn't a large island, so you can go anywhere from Kihei as a day trip.

Nearby, heading south on the Pi'ilani Highway, is the resort community of Wailea and the beautiful beaches of Makena. Further south, with snorkeling and hiking opportunities, is Ahihi Reserve and La Perouse Bay.

Heading out of town on North Kihei Road will provide access to the old whaling town of Lahaina and the resort areas of West Maui.

Heading north on the Mokulele Highway will bring you into the central part of the island, where you can hike or catch the sunrise (or sunset) in Haleakala National Park, drive the Road to Hana, hit the beaches on Maui's north shore or head upcountry and visit Maui's only winery.

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