Khujand (called Leninabad in the Soviet period) is a city in Tajikistan.


Khujand is the second largest city in Tajikistan (163,000 inhabitants). It is located in the Ferghana Valley on both banks of the Syr Darya river, known in ancient times as the Jaxartes.

Khujand is an old city, having been founded by Alexander the Great in 329 BCE as Alexandria Eschate (furthest Alexandria). It is on the historic Silk Road and was a moderately important trading city on that route for centuries. Its position is strategic, at the exit of the Valley where it can tax trade and resist invasions.

Get in

By Plane

There is an international airport in Gafurov, 10 km from Khujand. Often Gafurov is referred to by its Soviet name - Chkalovsk. Khujand airport has many flights to Russia.

By Bus/Taxi

Shared taxis and marshrutkas to Dushanbe, Penjikent, Istaravshan and other southern Tajikistan destinations depart from the western bus station.

Marshrutkas and taxis to the Uzbekistan border depart from the northern bus station. Taxi to Oybek post should cost about 50-80 somoni

Get around

Taxi should cost not more than 10 somoni for any destination in town. Taxi to the airport costs about 30 somoni. There are plenty of marshrutkas as well. Don't expect anyone to speak English.


There is not much to see in Khujand. Usually it's just a hub for tourists heading to Zeravshan valley, Dushanbe or Uzbekistan. Here are some places to see in town.


Eat local cheap food.


Go next

There is a Kairakum reservoir on Syrdarya river. To get there you should takt marshrutka #16 near Panchshanbe bazaar (2,5 somoni, 30 minutes). There is a small beach with infrastructure and eateries near dam, and a lot of sandy beaches further. Water is good and warm, though beaches themselves could be dirty.

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