Khmelnytskyi (Ukrainian: Хмельницький Khmel'nyts'kyi, Russian: Хмельницкий) is a city in the Podillia region, Western Ukraine. The city has a population of roughly 290,000.


While the city is located in western Ukraine it appears that people in Khmelnytskyi don't speak Ukrainian exclusively (as is generally the case in the nearby city of Ternopil) Many in Khmelnytskyi speak Russian as their first language, it appears that both Ukrainian and Russian can be used interchangeably in Khmelnytskyi.

Get in

There are frequent trains from Kiev to Khmelnytskyi, keep alert because Khmelnytskyi isn't the final destination but rather one stop along the way and you don't want to end up in Ternopil or Lvov by accident. However the carriage attendant should inform you (in Russian or Ukrainian) when the train is approaching your stop. A good idea is to know your time of arrival and set your phones alarm 30 minutes beforehand.

Get around

Taxis are as with every other Ukrainian city widely available, a trip within the city should cost no more than 20UAH but if you are a foreigner you may, as with many other cities in the world, be taken the "scenic route", even if this does happen it may cost an extra 10UAH so not too unreasonable all the same. However not being a tourist destination it is unlikely that this will happen yet it might. Just make sure the meter is running.



The city centre is relatively compact and can be easily explored on foot. If you want a tourist city with a multitude of attractions then Khmelnytskyi isn't for you, if you want an authentic Ukrainian city with generally friendly people, good prices and fewer rip offs than in the usual tourist centres then Khmelnytskyi is a good spot.






Further afield

Medzhybizh Castle

Dental tourism

Ukraine is increasingly becoming a destination for dental tourism, specifically Kiev, but people may also be interested in dental treatments in Khmelnytskyi as the prices when compared to western Europe, North America and elsewhere are extremely reasonable, prices are also cheaper than in Kiev itself. An example being endodontic treatments (specifically root canal treatment) which in dental clinics in Khmelnytskyi can be completed for roughly €50 in total (this price is for a molar tooth, pre-molars are even cheaper) This includes anaesthesia, x-ray(s), the procedure itself along with the use of "gutta percha" and of course a composite filling. One such dental clinic is almost directly across from a city bus station (it is unknown whether this is the main bus station), rather uniquely it is called "Dental Surgery" at 6, Soborna Street, Khmelnytskyi. Tel: +380 382651660. Look out for the large sign with a tooth on it. The clinic looked clean both inside and outside, the surgical room can be seen from the street and looked as modern as any in the West (although the writer didn't have any dental work done) No English is spoken so you may need to have a Ukrainian friend or interpreter accompany you unless you speak some Ukrainian or Russian or else put your faith in hand gestures and a phrasebook.


There is a large newly built shopping centre with a well stocked western style supermarket at the edge of the city. A taxi to it from the city centre should cost roughly 10UAH/15UAH.


In the basement of Hotel Central (Hotel Centralny) there is an eatery open to guests and non-guests alike offering nice, simple food at very good prices. There are numerous restaurants throughout the city.


There are a number of cafes, bars and nightclubs in the city. If you are a foreigner people may wonder what you are doing in their city (as it is not a tourist city) and may view you with some amusement. Be friendly, polite, try your hand at speaking a few words of Russian or Ukrainian and things should go ok. Keep an eye on what you drink and how much you drink, it's quite possible the locals are used to drinking more than you are! In a bar/pub a vodka (Ukrainian brand but just as good as any imported brand) should cost a maximum of 10UAH, most likely this price is for 100ml. Prices tend to be a little higher in nightclubs but not excessively. It should also be possible to buy a bottle of vodka in a nightclub, either .5lt or .7lt, for a reasonable price, under 100UAH.


Hotel Centralny (Hotel Central) at 5, Gagarin Street (near the centre) Tel: +380 382657759. No website (although some basic information and even some photos of this hotel can be found on the net however for best prices book directly with the hotel) Very minimal English, if any. This tourist class hotel offers the best priced hotel rooms in the city. Prices direct from the hotel start at 150UAH for a passable en-suite single room with tv (no English language stations but possibly some music stations) and breakfast (you'll be given a voucher for breakfast which can be had in the basement eatery) The en-suite isn't exactly to western standard (old shower but with hot water, possibly leaking pipe from sink, no sink stopper, dim lighting) Double rooms which are roughly double the price may be a little better. Apparently the hotel has free wifi but it's unknown whether this is simply in the lobby or also in the rooms.


An alternative for internet should the free internet at any hotel not work or should no internet be available is a mobile broadband dongle which you attach to your netbook/laptop can be purchased from MTS (a mobile/cell phone provider with stores all over Ukraine including 10 stores in Khmelnytskyi) for 399UAH and when topped up by 8UAH it gives unlimited broadband access for 24 hours. MTS has national coverage so the dongle will provide you with internet all over Ukraine and not just in Khmelnytskyi of course. If you already have a dongle from your home country this most likely will not work with an MTS SIM card but there is a chance it would, you could try before forking out 399UAH. The basic mobile broadband SIM pack on its own costs 60UAH with preloaded credit of 20UAH (prices as of Dec. 2011)


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