Central courtyard of Khasab Castle with traditional fishing boats on display

Khasab is a city in Musandam Peninsula, Oman and home to about 18,000 inhabitants.


Khasab (Arabic: خصب‎) is a city in the northwest Omani exclave of Musandam. It is the state capital of the Musandam peninsula on the coast of the Hormuz Strait between Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Khasab was isolated from the rest of the region for a long time. In the 16th century Portuguese troops conquered the peninsula and established colonial structures. After Oman regained control, Khasab was controlled tightly due to its strategic position. The construction of the new road from the United Arab Emirates was itself started by the city to develop its infrastructure and encourage more tourism and investment.

Khasab is the starting point to explore the little-known Musandam Peninsula and its special and unique traditions and culture. Travellers can enjoy great sights in and around the city that can be seen in two or three days cruising the region.

Khasab is most popular to spend a weekend off from Dubai or to visit on your way to Muscat, taking the twice a day ferry-boat along the deserted and arid rocky coast of Musandam.

Get in

Khasab is not easy to access, although you have quite a few options of transportation including daily morning flights from Muscat (the Airport of Khasab, a few miles inland from the coast, on 27 June 2011, recorded the world calendar day highest minimum temperature of 41.2°C / 106.16°F), twice-a-week ferry-boat from Muscat or rent-a-car coming from the United Arab Emirates via Al Darah border post.

Get around

Taxis are not to be found in Khasab. You have to get your own rent-a-car in Khasab or rely on your hotel's minivan transportation, which can take you where you want.

On foot

Car rental

By bicycle

Organized minivan tours


Omani Dhows cruising the fjords
Date plantation


Telegraph Island seen from a Dhow
Khasab Center Mosque by night


LuLu Market seen from Khasab Castle

There are quite a few options of different supermarkets full with normal groceries, bottled water etc. LuLu Market is by far the biggest and offers the biggest variety, but small supermarkets have local products and niche products.


Central Souk area of Khasab



Khasab has just four hotels and very limited capacities for travellers. During the weekend, hotels are usually sold out. An option for one night is Bossa beach which is very popular with families and one night camping is usually accepted. Note that Bossa beach has only a toilet and no other facilities. It's directly on the road between Atana Hotel and Khasab and is very lively during the weekend. Non-UAE/Omani travellers should expect to be seen as a tourist attraction with unwanted attention from kids or youths from the area.


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Twice weekly ferry-boat from Khasab to Muscat. Minivan service to the border with United Arab Emirates from where you can call a taxi to pick you up and take you to Ras al Khaimah.

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