Ketep Pass

Ketep Pass
The valley between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu.
Mount Telomoyo, seen from Ketep Pass.

Ketep Pass is a pass located on the slope between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. It offers a great vantage point for a spectacular view of both mountains. Ketep Pass is approximately 1,200m above sea level. This site has a small cinema which regularly shows an interesting documentary of Mount Merapi, a restaurant, countless food-stalls and a Museum of Volcanology. Located east of Borobudur, 40 minutes from Yogyakarta by car.

Entrance fee is Rp 30,000 for foreigners. The fee entitles one to a free passage to the cinema and museum, to the use of a telescope, and to a free non-alcoholic drink in the restaurant.

It is advisable to visit Ketep Pass either in the dry season or at the very least, in the early morning during the rainy season. Otherwise, the spectacular view of the mountains will be ruined by clouds covering the peaks.

Get in

By bus

From Yogyakarta, take a TransJogja bus to the Jombor terminal. Then take a bus heading towards Magelang. Alight at the Blabak market in the town of Mungkid. Walk southward along the main road. Ask the locals for directions to the "bus station", which is located only a few hundred metres south of the Blabak market on the opposite side of the main road. The "bus station" is actually a waiting place for angkots (minibuses). Take an angkot to Tlatar, a village 15km away (Rp 3,000). At Tlatar, take an ojek (motorcycle taxi) to Ketep Pass, a further 6km away.

Note: In Indonesia, a "bus station" can easily mean a place to board a bus, without an actual building or structure.


Typical food served at one of the food-stalls.

There is a restaurant inside Ketep Pass that serves Chinese food and seafood. There are also many food-stalls inside and outside Ketep Pass, selling typical Indonesian street food.

Roasted corn is popular here.

Try eating at any of the food-stalls inside Ketep Pass overlooking the valley below.

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