Kerman (province)

Location of Kerman province within Iran

Kerman Province is one of the 30 provinces of Iran. It is in the southeast of the country. Its center is Kerman. The province of Kerman is the second largest in Iran, 181,714 km². The population of the province is 2652413 . The main townships of Kerman province are: Baft, Bardsir, Bam, Jiroft, Rafsanjan, Zarand, Sirjan, Shahr-e-Babak, Kerman, Mahan and Kohnoj.


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Kerman province is considered a paradise for palaeontologists because of an abundance of vertebrate fossils from different geological eras. Fossils include Placodermi, jawed and jawless armoured fish dating back to Devonian era or first geological era (395 to 365 million years ago), dinosaurs dating back to the Jurassic era (195 to 65 million years ago) and mammals from the Third Geological Era (ranging from two to seven million years ago).

The history of human settlements in the territory of Kerman dates back to the 4th millennium BC. This area is considered as one of the ancient regions of Iran and valuable historical vestiges have been discovered here. Jiroft is an example, where a previously unknown settlement dating back to around 2500BC has just been established by archeologists. Kerman has an abundance of historical sites and landmarks, 283 in total, according to Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization. Ancient abandoned citadels such as Arg-é Bam and Rayen castle have been preserved in the desert for two thousand years.

Historical documents refer to Kerman as "Karmania", "Kermania", "Germania" and "Žermanya", which means bravery and combat. Geographers have recorded Kerman's ancient name as "Go'asheer" (Bardesheer).

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By plane

Kerman International Airport (IATA: KER) has regular flights to all major and some smaller cities in Iran.

By bus

Kerman is well connected to most parts of the country by bus.

By car

Freeways connect the province to Yazd, Sistan-va-Baloochestan, Hormozgan, Khorasan-e-Jonoobi and Fars.

By Train

Kerman is connected to the whole railway network of Iran. It is connected to Yazd and also it will be connected to Zahedan in the near future (under construction).


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Kerman province contains the following universities:

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