Kericho is in Kericho County, within the highlands west of The Great Rift Valley.

Tea fields in Kericho County


Kericho is known in Kenya for its tea fields. Unilever and other companies have large tea plantations around Kericho.

Get in

Kericho is well connected by road to Nairobi via Nakuru and to Kisumu on Lake Victoria. Many buses and mini-buses (Matatus) leave Kericho every day. Matatus leave when they are full (the 14 seaters are usually filled with 17 people plus luggage and the drivers bribe the police at checkpoints, so try to get one of the two front seats as they are less stuffed) and that can be every few minutes of every hour, depending on how popular the destination. Easy Coach has two buses a day going to Nairobi for Ksh 1100. from Kericho to Nakuru it is 108 Kms. from Kericho to Kisumu it is 90 kms. from Kericho to Kisii it is 100 kms.

Get around

Kericho is a small town and can easily be walked. For the lazy, there are many motorbike taxis.


Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha Gurduara (Sikh temple)






There is a "Cyber" (Internet Cafe) next to Saigo Lodge, and some more Cybers all over town.

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