Remains of a colonial French villa

Kep is a seaside resort area in Cambodia and includes the small town of the same name which is the capital of Kep Province.


Kep was Cambodia's top seaside destination until eclipsed in the 1960s by Sihanoukville (and, soon after, decades of civil war). The town is full of ruined shells of old villas, destroyed in the Khmer Rouge days and during the subsequent Civil War.

Today's Kep has recently become established as a Khmer holiday spot and is slowly being rediscovered by travellers. An unfortunate attitude of "milk the foreigner" pervades the local businesses, unlike in nearby Kampot, which makes bargaining a necessity.

Kep's Tourism Group created a website with a lot of useful information about Kep, what to do, where to eat and stay, maps and a webcam.

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Tuk-tuks are plentiful. Short trips around town should cost USD1-$2, the price for a full day is between USD12-25. Some roads can be a little bumpy, but there is no major dust irritation like in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

The brandnew beach in Kep

Self-drive motorcycles can be rented for around USD7 per day for a small 125 cc or around USD14 for a 250 cc. Bicycles are also available for rent.




There are money changers at the Crab Market that will exchange euros, dong, US dollars and riel. If you're fresh in over the border, note that the riel is maintained at around 4,000 to the dollar. Anyone offering much off this is a crook. The market traders will have no problem in breaking large denomination dollar notes.


Fresh fish with pepper sauce. Only USD2!

Kep is famous for its crabs. The crab market (a 10 minute walk or USD1 tuk-tuk ride from Kep Beach) has line-caught crabs held in floating cages in the sea. Depending on the size of the crustaceans and your bargaining skills a kilogram of crabs should cost 10,000-20,000 riel. Vendors can steam your purchases in the boiling pots in the market or your hotel may also cook them for you. No visit to Kep is complete without having a least one meal of the fresh crabs, reputedly the best in Cambodia.

Several seafood restaurants line the seashore near crab market. They have terraces built over the sea to provide stunning sunset views of Phu Quoc and Bokor National Park while you enjoy crabs cooked with fresh Kampot peppercorns. If you head there early afternoon you can watch fisherman unload their catch of the day.

The amazing swimming cave in Kompong Trach



Prices are higher here than in the rest of the country. Things are squeezed at the budget end. A basic room that would cost USD5 elsewhere is USD10 in Kep. Ask the bus ticket sellers to put you onto something cheap. As Kep is a resort area, there is no problem finding good offerings in the mid- to high-price ranges.

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