Keelung, also spelled Chilung (基隆; Jīlóng), is a port city in the north of Taiwan, near the capital, Taipei.

Get in

Keelung can be reached from Taipei by either freeway bus or train along the same route, or a longer bus ride along the North coast. Both means of transport are very frequent, and stops for Keelung bound buses by various companies are located all across Taipei.

By train

Probably the easiest way to get to Keelung from Taipei is by commuter trains, which ply the route every 15 to 20 minutes and stop at many stations. Travelers heading to Keelung should be aware that although the city lies on the extreme north end of the main Western Line it is not accessible on all trains running north, many of which are bound for the east coast and will not pass through Keelung but branch off at Badu. Only take trains with Keelung clearly shown as their final destination or you may accidentally find yourself on the train to Taitung - a six hour journey from Keelung! if this happens to you (usually on an express train), get off before the Badu station.

You can check the train time table here

By bus

The bus from the East-West bus station of the Kuo-Kuang Bus company (the building also serves as the terminal for the Taipei - Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport service) just to the left of Taipei Railway station is the quickest way to get to Keelung. Buses leave every 10 minutes and go non-stop to Keelung harbor for NT$ 55 one way, it is best to buy a ticket in advance. Journey time is around 35 minutes under good traffic conditions. The bus station and ticket booths are clearly marked in English. You can also use the 'Easy Card' that operates with the Taipei Metro and local buses. TOuch on the sensor when you get on AND when you get off.

Several companies operate buses between Taipei and Keelung. The journey can range from between 35 minutes to two hours depending upon the route taken and traffic conditions. Because of the large number of bus routes and stops, the high potential for delay, and the limited English ability of most drivers, taking a bus from Taipei to Keelung is probably not a good idea. Unless you are familiar with the greater Taipei geography and can speak some Taiwanese or Mandarin, it is wiser to take a train and transfer to city buses, MRT (Mass Rapid Transit in Taipei) or taxi to reach your final destination.

By boat

Keelung is one of Taiwan's busiest container ports, second only to Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan thanks to its long deep water harbour.

A regular domestic ferry to the outlying islands of Matsu is also available, though it is very basic and used mostly by military personnel. The nightly ferry service to Matsu leaves the harbour at 11PM.

There are no longer any scheduled ferry services to Okinawa, Japan, but Keelung is a home port for Star Cruises , which offers cruises to Okinawa and other islands.

A twice-weekly passenger and goods service to Xiamen is available, operated by the vessel 'COSCO Star'

Get around

The downtown area is small enough to cover on foot.

Before you getting around you might visit the Keelung City Tourist Information Tel: (02)24287664

Star Cruise also provided a range of cruising line between Keelung and nearby major cities, you might see Keelung as the center of travel hub to plan your holiday.


East Keelung

West Keelung

Dawulun Fort

(Source: Keelung City Government)



Lee Hu Pastry Shop (李鵠餅店), 90 Ren 3rd Road, near the Miaokou night market. In business since 1882, it is the most famous traditional pastry shop in Taiwan.


Miaokou Night Market Map

Heping Island



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