Kawthoung (also Kawthaung; previously Victoria Point) is at the southern tip of Myanmar, on the border with Thailand.

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There is a road north to Bokepyin and Myeik.

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Chartered boat from the docks at Ranong is a common way to enter Kawthoung, used by travellers from Thailand looking for to extend their visa-free stays in Thailand. Travel agents in Ranong can arrange this for around 400 baht per person including transport to the dock, but not including visa fees, for which pristine, unmarked Thai baht or US dollars should be used. Even a slightly marked or torn note will be rejected and change is not usually given at the customs hut on the Kawthoung side.

Get around

The most common way to get around town are motorcycle taxis. They are 200 kyats per person for short distances. It is about 2,000 kyats to the airport which is about 10 km away.


Andaman Club Resort Hotel, on Thahtay Kyun Island about half an hour trip by boat from Kawthaung or Ranong, is famous for casino gambling, the only casino in Myanmar on the Andaman side.

Not far from the town, there is Kayin Kwa Island and others such as Myauk Ni and Salone Islands, a part of the Mergui Archipelago. They are a good places for diving. Nearby Kawthoung has a small waterfall and there are hot springs at Maliwun Village, 40 km north of town. It can be reached within half an hour by car over a good paved road.


You can use baht everywhere in the town area. Still they don't always have change and the prices paid with baht are a little bit more expensive. There are several places to change money. For example some of the IP Star Shops do it. The rate is about 3,500 kyat for 100 baht. Local banks have ATMs that accept Visa and MasterCard withdrawals.


There are lots of restaurants in town.The cheapest one is 400 kyats for a bowl of noodles.


Myanmar Beer is good. You can get a glass of it for about 20 baht.There are also fresh fruit juices (such as banana, mango, apple, papaya, etc.).


You are only allowed to stay in three hotels. They are the Honey Bear Hotel for 800 baht, a guesthouse for 400 baht, and another place that is even more expensive.

The guesthouse is quiet and has a nice rooftop. Still the facilities are very basic. Toilets are outside the room. They have electricity and running water intermittently.

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