Kassandra peninsula (Greek, Modern:Κασσάνδρα, Ancient/Katharevousa: ). The coast hosts numerous excellent beaches. Located near the city of Thessaloniki.


Get around

The only way to get around is from Thessaloniki Interurban Bus Terminal ("KTEL Chalkidikis").



If you are seeking for more active way to spent time one of the best ways to explore area is using quad bike. There are plenty places where you can rent them, prices start at around €40 per day. There are many hidden beaches and it is the easiest way to get to the top of the hills from where you can see magnificent views of Kassandra peninsula

View of Kassandra peninsula


There is a good variety of beaches on Kassandra peninsula. If you are looking for something different there are many remote beaches which are usually completely empty. The easies way to get to them is using a quad bike (there are many places where you can rent them)


Mostly fish and other sea food.


The nightclubs around Kallithea are very popular and crowded. There are even customers who come from Thessaloniki just to drink and dance there.


A big hotel in Kassandra


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