Sunset on Shiraishi Island

Kasaoka (笠岡) is a city in Okayama Prefecture, about 40 minutes away from Okayama City by train. The most frequent reason for visiting are its islands, especially Shiraishi Island, which you can visit by ferry.

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Kasaoka Station is the only station within city limits, located along the JR Sanyo Line just 15 minutes from Fukuyama and less than 45 minutes from Okayama. For drivers, Route 2 travels through Kasaoka. There are also buses that come and go from Fukuyama Station, Ibara, and Yakage.

Get around

On foot, visitors can easily go to the ramen shops, Kasaoka Port, and the art museums. Most of the cities other attractions are further away and are best reached by bus or taxi. Of course the islands must be reached by boat from Kasaoka Port.



Festivals and events


Kasaoka Ramen

Arguably more famous than any of the town's sites is the Kasaoka ramen. Kasaoka is nicknamed 'The Ramen Town'. The ramen restaurant boom occurred long ago due to its popularity among the sailors who docked here and has withstood the test of time to remain the city's most popular dish. There are maps of all the ramen shops available; the ramen even has its own website .


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Routes through Kasaoka

Hiroshima Fukuyama  W  E  Kamogata(Asakuchi) Okayama
Hiroshima Fukuyama  W  E  Kamogata(Asakuchi) Okayama

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