Karonga is a city in northern Malawi located on the coast of Lake Nyasa.


Karonga is the closest major town north of Tanzania on the coast of Lake Nyasa. Historically, Karonga was known as for its slave trading industry. Today, it is also noted for its prehistory, with a museum showing dinosaur fossils from the area. A discovery in 2009 of prehistoric human-made tools and a human tooth have put Karonga on the evolutionary map for being the potential "Cradle of Life," for humankind.

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there are AXA buses and Vans going to and from Mzuzu. the trip takes 4 hours. there are also buses going to songwe on the Tanzanian border.





Karonga has many hotels.

| name=Safari Lodge Annex | alt= | url= | email= | address= | lat= | long= | directions= | phone= +265 1-362340 | tollfree= | fax= | checkin= | checkout= | price=from Mk4500 | lastedit=2015-04-18 | content=

| name=Karonga District Council Lodge | alt= | url= | email= | address= | lat= | long= | directions=just south of the bus station. | phone= | tollfree= | fax= | checkin= | checkout= | price=3,000 mk | lastedit=2015-10-20 | content=Double room with own bathroom.


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