The church seen across the Muonio river.

Karesuando (Sámi: Gárasavvon) is the northernmost village in Sweden, in the municipality of Kiruna. Across the Muoniojoki river is the Finnish half of the village, Kaaresuvanto.


This is the northernmost official border crossing between Finland and Sweden. The border is undramatic; if you have a boat or the river is frozen, you normally do not have to use the bridge.

The Swedish part of Karesuando has about 350 inhabitants, just above the 200 inhabitants needed to qualify as a village (tätort) in Swedish statistics.

The only settlements further north in Sweden are smaller hamlets, single homes, or tourist camps.

About 150 live in Finnish Kaaresuvanto.

There is Swedish, Sami and Finnish heritage.

Get in

The European highway E45 from Italy ends in Karesuando/Kaaresuvanto. Across the border is E8 from Turku to Tromsø. National road 99 from Haparanda via Pajala also ends here. There are bus connections from Kiruna daily except Saturdays, and across the border at least daily connections from Rovaniemi, heading for Kilpisjärvi or (in summertime only) Tromsø.

The village is 180 km from Kiruna centre, 186 km from Pajala, 109 km from Kilpisjärvi, 68 km from Hetta.

You might also end up here coming by e.g. the Victorialeden snowmobile route or canoeing from Kilpisjärvi by Könkämäeno or from Käsivarsi Wilderness Area by Lätäseno (the two join to form the Muonio river 9 km upstream from the village).

Get around

Most service is within a kilometre from the church, along the roads.

Taxi: Gunnar Asplund, phone +46 981 200-00




Grocery stores:


A motel and several cottage businesses, most closed in winter.


Postal code: 980 16 Karesuando

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